Previous Projects

Milk paint Shaker box used to store CD's

Recipe Box great for hands free displaying of your favorite recipe.

Custom made donation box with locking clasp.

Custom Made 4" X 4" X 4" box for knitted egg.

Maple Leaf Box design for favorite Canadian.

Heart Box for your significant other.

Set of nesting Shaker boxes size 0 through 4.

Collection of Shaker Boxes.

Shaker box with swing handle great for bring your lunch to work in style.

Shaker carrier tray with fixed handle.

Shaker carrier tray with flower arrangement added.

Oak Cabinet with plenty of storage room.

Oak Cabinet, view of inside.

Custom Oak Desk with 4 drawers, a door and pull out keyboard tray. It is 38 inches deep by 58 inches wide. Truely a custom desk, notice the curved edge on the desk top and printer top, as well as a lip on both surfaces to stop items from falling off the desk. This desk is assembled in four sections for easy moving.

This is a replica of a Shaker dresser at the Handcock Shaker Village in Pittsfield Massachusetts.

Hand-cut dovetail joints on Shaker dresser.

Bread Box constructed of hardwood cherry.

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